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Pre-owned Equipment

Nederman Ab221 EX ATEX High Vacuum Unit

Nederman compressed air powered vacuum units have no moving parts, no motor and no rotating pump.  The special design of the ejector system gives very efficient vacuum and airflow output.  As there are no electrical parts included the product is intrinsically safe for use in all types of industries.  The Ab221 EX ATEX rated unit has been designed for operation in flammable and gas explosion hazardous areas 1 and 2, as well as dust explosion areas 21 and 22.  All parts are made of antistatic and conductive materials.  The EX units are all equipped with absolute/HEPA quality filters. Free from electrical and moving parts they stand a very long lifespan without necessary high cost service

NB:   Requires 50cfm free air to operate at maximum capacity

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