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We offer a comprehensive range of hire equipment suitable for most industrial applications.  Please find below an example of KEMPER fume & dust extraction equipment currently available ex-stock from our hire & demonstration fleet.  When trying to solve complex or unusual applications we benefit from in-house fabrication facilities which enable us to provide simple modifications to existing equipment or bespoke solutions for specialist projects

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements

Rates are negotiable for long-term hire

Kemper MiniFil 110v c/w 2.5m x 45mm hose




Kemper MiniFil.jpeg

The compact Kemper MiniFil high-vacuum extraction unit for medium amounts of smoke and dust ensures high mobility for frequently changing workplaces with on torch extraction or extraction nozzles. The integrated automatic start/stop and the contamination-free filter change make the MiniFil especially simple and safe to use.  The MiniFil utilises a 3-stage filtration system comprising a cyclone pre-separator, main filter and HEPA filter making it ideal for welding fume extraction.

110v trolley mounted units units available ex-stock

c/w 2.5m or 5.0m long flexible hoses / magnetic funnel nozzles (8 off)

KEMPER ProfiMaster W3 Certified

Portable Welding Fume Extractor





















ProfiMaster is a robust smoke extraction filter unit for occasional to frequent use with low to medium amounts of dust. The high capacity disposable filter can easily be changed. The rotating and swiveling exhaust hood enables use in a 360-degree radius and ensures only few adjustments during welding.


ProfiMaster 110v, c/w 3m long self-supporting fume capture arm (10 off)

ProfiMaster 240v, c/w 3m long self-supporting fume capture arm (4 off)

ProfiMaster 415v, c/w 4m long self-supporting fume capture arm (4 off)

AirCO2ntrol Air Purifier
























Plug and play - Just configure the air purifier AirCO2NTROL once and clean the room air permanently and without hesitation with the best filter technology. Thanks to the permanent air volume flow control, AirCO2NTROL ensures a high and reliable six-fold air exchange per hour and this in rooms of up to 100m²in very quiet continuous operation. The automatic motion sensor enables carefree operation without having to think about switching the unit on and off (1 off ex-stock)


VacuFil Compact

























The high vacuum extraction unit VacuFil Compact is designed for medium quantities of welding fumes and dust. It has a large disposable filter and comfortable one-button operation, even with gloves. Many additional features such as automatic air volume control are available. The side channel blower for negative pressure provides robust performance for industrial users (1 off)

Vacufil 125 (415v 3~)

The VacuFil 125i single-place high vacuum extraction unit for large quantities of welding fumes and dust is ideally suited for permanent use for torch-integrated extraction during welding due to its automatic filter cleaning. A side channel compressor for vacuum generation ensures robust performance for industrial users. The automatic suction power regulation ensures the optimum operating point for a wide variety of flue gas extraction torches (1 off)
















Kemper nozzle 2320010.jpg
Kemper ProfiMaster 2024.jpg
VacuFil Compact.jpg
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