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Nederman Filterbox 10M W3 Certified Fume & Dust Extraction Unit

Updated: Feb 8

Manually cleaned for light to medium dust & fume applications.

When mobility, flexibility and a compact footprint is key, a mobile solution is the often the best way to avoid contaminant exposure. Nederman FilterBox range of mobile dust and fume extraction units are easy to move around your factory to wherever the extraction is needed. The wide product range makes it easy to find a model with the capacity, features and filter type needed.The FilterBox 10M is equipped with a N24 fan for a maximum air flow capacity of 1 000 m3/h (600 CFM) and is ideal for medium frequency dust or fume applications. The unit has a filter supervision system which indicates with an audial alarm when the air flow is too low. For dust applications, the unit is cleaned mechanically. For welding fumes it uses a combination of mechanical and compressed air cleaning. An integrated silencer reduces noise from the fan and outlet air. Additional protection from harmful particles is provided if a HEPA filter is installed (optional).FilterBox 10M is available as a mobile unit on wheels or a fixed mount unit.Note! FilterBox is not for use in environments where combustible dust or gases are present, and it is not for use in filtering combustible dust or gases.

  • Manually operated, mechanical and pneumatic filter cleaning for long filter life.

  • Automatic damper preventing dust from leaking out while cleaning.

  • Dust free filter replacement and emptying of dust bin.

  • Filter efficiency M6 (EN779), MERV 11 (ASHRAE 52.2, 2017).

  • Approved for welding fumes category W3 according to EN 15012-1, third party tested.

List Price = £ 5,516.98

Special Offer (whilst current stock lasts)

£ 3,750.00 + V.A.T.

Delivery free of charge to UK mainland address


1 year warranty

Call (01788) 535646 for details

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